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Doing Away With Dyes

June 16, 2013

I was in the shower today, where most awesome thoughts take place because my brain has time and allows itself to just slow the heck down for a second. While I was hangin’ out, having some quality me time I looked down to discover that my shave gel/cream/whatever on earth that stuff is  has a slight pinkish tone to it. I became rather frustrated quite quickly.

I’ve always hated pink. Not only is it just an aggressive color to me and off-putting in that regard, it is also associated with everything girly and permeates little girls lives so much that it terrifies me. It also got me wondering what the base “color” of the cream would be without any dyes added. Khaki colored? Slightly purple? Who knows? I’m consumed by this thought sometimes. What would the color of our lives look like (and mostly the colors of our products be) if we just didn’t try to make them look nicer?

And that’s the other thing! Nicer according to whom? Who is the person who decides that we need to color cheddar cheese bright orange? Are producers actually telling companies with their money that they prefer these products? Or are marketers selling the idea to us that these products are better when they’re like this and we just follow along?

And my rage doesn’t stop at cheese, creams, or butter. Consider the meager tampon. Why on earth are we bleaching these things white. Why are we manufacturing something to go inside someone’s body for a pretty significant amount of time that has who knows what terrible things inside it?

I would love a dye free world, I would love to see what it looked like. To feel the calm that it could inspire and the imagination it would force one to have. I would love to do away with dyes. Natural, synthetic, all of it. I just want products to be the color they are after production. To not associate white with clean, brown with gross, or blue with jeans. To start over.

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