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Marches in March

February 29, 2012

This is my official early welcome to everyone into the month of March. And by the month of March, I do mean the month I will persevere through one of the more busy months of my life.

This coming Tuesday I will be participating in Vagina Monologues at my university, this Saturday is my city’s 22nd annual international woman’s day march, then later this month (if the feminists on high are looking out for me), I will see the fruition of quite a lot of work with my city’s first slutwalk. All of this, not to mention, you know, school, homework, applying to jobs, building up a resume for my future, watching re-runs of Friends.

March is Women’s History Month. It is my month of no sleep.

This leads me to wonder about months. What does a month mean to you? To a whole group of people? What does March mean for feminists? More importantly, what does it mean for people who do not identify as feminists?

Women's History Month (Also known as: the month I put wonderful words from the wonderful Audre all over my house with sticky notes)

I like to treat March as a ‘get out of jail free’ card for me to be a little more vocal than usual (which is hard to imagine, as I’m already fairly vocal for a “good southern girl”. HA. More like Grrl anyway). But as I put up some advertisements around my campus for Vagina Monologues, I can’t explain how awkwardly happy it made me to have the word vagina all over campus.

But, aside from the personal joy, what can March really do? Will it change the minds of the likes of Santorum? Probably not. Will it make more people declare their feminism to the world? I don’t think so. Are months consolation prizes? That’s sort of how it feels sometimes. I mean, the word ‘vagina’ is all over my school but I’m almost certain lots of people who see it simply roll their eyes waiting until April, giving us our “time” and waiting for campus advertising to take a less womanly bent.

So readers? Consolation prizes? What do you think of a month? Our month. Does it get us a step closer to equality? Or a step closer to people arguing that since we have our month, everything’s peachy-keen now?

In any case, Happy early March. And for my fellow students, welcome to a campus of vagina signs.

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