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On Graduation (or: What are We Doing Here Anyway?)

February 11, 2012

I know this blog has a purpose other than the post I’m about to make but I refuse to apologize for getting a little personal on a personal blog.

I was reading this great article from Meg/DCist-I-currently-envy about “social media maturity” for organizations and individuals (or at least, me, being just myself, read it as it would apply to just one human being).

Upon finishing the lovely post, I got to thinking about a topic that consumes me these days: my future. Perhaps this blogs title: FeminisTech has more meanings than just ‘feminism, technology, and web-y things’. Maybe it can have the double meaning of ‘the technicalities of being a feminist’.

Because lately, that’s all I think about. I’m about to graduate from what I’ve heard is a pretty great university with a degree in anthropology. I joke around with people when they ask me what I’m going to do after graduation that I am going to be a “professional feminist”. That’s all I want. To someday have a snarky business card that has my name with “professional feminist” underneath it, some sort of office phone number, and a mailbox that is connected to a probably pretty run down/I love it so much because it’s mine apartment in an amazing city. I’m sure my puppy, Leo, would really love this future as well.

But how to get there?

I’m on Facebook, I have a LinkedIn (which feels useless), I tweet vaguely important things on a fairly regular basis, I attempt to engage in that networking thing that people say is so important, and I’m blogging. I feel like I live and breath social media but that I’m still just grazing the surface. I’m like that water bug that just prances around on the surface and really wants to go swim but can’t.

For the record, close-up photos of bugs terrify me. Enjoy this one.

See that poor dude up there? He’s me! I’m him! Attempting to be awesome but never quite making it to the-frenemy ‘must read blog’ status. Not that I need to be blog famous specifically (though writing a book sometime in the future would be awesome), but to find something and do it as wholeheartedly as possible would be great.

Maybe hat’s the struggle of the post-grad. The necessary fragmentation that goes along with it. I mean, what are we but just a human being with a very odd assortment of only sort-of related internships, volunteerships, and odd jobs at ice-cream shops (here’s lookin’ at you Marble Slab).

So, Meg, you awesome DC-onite (do they say that up there?), thanks for writing and being an awesome example of the ‘made-it-out-of-the-fragmentation-stage’ of post-grad life. You give us all hope.

Also, apologies to professors and readers who were anticipating a more tech-y post. This one’s tech-y, just in a very different way. (Gah! And here I was telling myself I wouldn’t apologize!)

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  1. February 11, 2012 5:55 pm

    I think Regarding feminism, social changes, etc. from what I’ve seen of your tweets/blog posts, you can tell what’s important to know from what isn’t.

    These days, anyone can get a million followers+ on twitter, LinkedIn, whatever but ultimately, if you find better information, getting a million people following isn’t worth as much a hundred people seeing the quality of information you’re presenting to them. Since you present quality information, you could definitely find work researching, if not helping the right organizations/movements get noticed. You could definitely write a book by night, and do social media work by day, I think.

    With writing, there’s no better advice than write better than those who write faster than you, and write faster than those who write better than you. 😛

  2. February 12, 2012 6:48 pm

    Wow previous commenter has it spot on… that sounds like a great idea.

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