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Google +? No Thank You!

February 9, 2012

Let’s be real for a second. When Google+ came out I almost cried a little bit. How many ways can social media distract me from my actual life before we say enough is enough!?

So many posts to be completed so LITTLE TIME!!!!

This all sort of links back to Facebook for me. You see, for a long while, I’ve been fascinated with identity presentation on Facebook: how do people actively construct who they are online via Facebook, is it a different version of themselves than they feel they construct IRL? If it is, why, why not, what’s different? I could talk to people for hours about their Facebook usage, I swear.

Recently, I myself realized that I had crafted quite a different persona on my Twitter than I had on my Facebook. This was troublesome to me as I have this driving urge these days to be real and say how I feel to everyone I know because how I feel about social issues and the world and activism are such elemental parts of me that if I don’t talk about it to people, I’m more or less not actually being a true friend and creating a true relationship.

So where had this disjoint stemmed from? It all has to do with Twitter. Until a few months ago, a hashtag meant nothing to me (other than it made me vaguely desire some hashbrowns). And these days if I haven’t checked Twitter in 5 or so hours, something is wrong! It’s sort of frustrating because when Twitter came into my life, I realized how demanding of my time my social media life can be (not to mention, Facebook going ahead and giving us a cover photo…now what the heck am I supposed to do with that?)

So when Google+ came out, I died a little inside. I asked around a bit if anyone was on it heavily or if it was catching on out of fear that I would have to sign over my life to yet more hours of online identity presentation rather than, you know, the real life kind. I still live in fear that it will become popular but Twitter’s Jack Dorsey  tells me not to worry in this article, as have most of my friends.

In a way, I have such an undying love for Twitter because of it’s awesome ability to connect me with people who I don’t know at all on things that we both passionately care about. I’ve tweeted it once and I’ll blog it again, if I can’t have a feminist collective in real life, I’m glad I can find it on Twitter. The whole ‘feminist’ becoming a negative trait is a blog for another night.

For now, let’s all just rest assured that, for the time being, I feel no pressure to join Google+ (and that my LinkedIn still feels a little useless).

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  1. February 9, 2012 11:25 pm

    I feel the same. If we all get together and agree not to use Google+ then we’ll be ok… and our prophecy that it won’t be successful will be self-fulfilling! 🙂

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