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Tweeting for Change

January 31, 2012

Today I want to direct your attention to an awesome blogger and her post titled “Why I’m Boycotting Colourlovers”.

If we’re talking about feminism, social activism, and the web-this post had it all. Lindsay Goldner documents her Twitter discussion that ensued from an employee at colourlovers declaring by tweeting that he doesn’t understand how someone can “live with themselves after having an abortion”.

More power to her.

Through threatening a boycott and tweeting loudly enough,  Goldner got a statement from the company addressing the problem.

This is my most favorite thing about social media these days- direct interaction. Now, when Michelle Obama got a Twitter a bit ago, I was fairly certain I would never get a response should I want to tweet at her. But when I’m adopting my dog at the pound and I can tweet to Sarah McLachlan about “Arms of an Angel” being stuck in my head? That’s freaking cool.

Even cooler is being able to bring about some change with what you do. There’s been some stuff goin’ down with LEGOs  lately and their new line catering to girls that’s all pink and sparkly. And you know what- there have been some awesomely twittering feminists showing up in hordes to tell LEGO why their marketing isn’t totally capiche. And, just like Goldner, they’ve gotten responses from LEGO themselves.

Something that I don’t quite understand is when complaints are logged via Twitter without tagging the company directly. You can do it, so do it!! Recently in a Twitter explosion on the new Dr. Pepper 10 advertisement, I realized I was one of the few who was engaging the company in my tweets by tagging them. I wonder if a statement would have been made (other than their original “hey we’re not being sexist because everyone gets it’s a joke” original statement) had other people overwhelmed them by tweetin’ with me. Who knows.

Photo of Advertisement for Dr. Pepper Ten

Really Dr. Pepper? Really?

What I do know is that we’ve got to start interacting with people directly. The internet and social media has given us a more efficient way to do this than ever before, and if we don’t use it, what good does it do us?


So get loud people, because you might actually accomplish something when you do!

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