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Facebook Women Connect

January 31, 2012

Saw today on the lovely this post about Facebook’s new app called Women Connect that is promoting the following of feminist-y related causes on facebook and helping along the Millennium Development Goals.

I haven’t fully checked it out yet so I don’t completely know what’s going on with it, but as a “holy crap I’m graduating in less than five-months” senior, it seems like it could be helpful in expanding my search for organizations I believe in that could be potentially hiring.

Nevertheless, I do appreciate this individual’s comment about Facebook practices:

Photo Comment by Facebook user on App Page

Right on David Brooks

I’ll be checking in on it (if anything just to send my resume out to more places) and poking around to see how I feel about it. in the meantime, go check out the comments section of Feministing’s post about it as those users generally have pretty insightful things to bring to the conversation!

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