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Long and Short of it

January 30, 2012

Be forewarned dear readers, this blog (at times) might look like an awkward mash-up of topics. That’s mostly because it is, and partly because I tend to get a little tangential.

To begin, my name is Sarah, howdy there all you wonderful internet stumblers, explorers, and the like! What will take shape in the posts to come will be an interesting amalgamation of things that are important to me (and the professors who are grading me). BUT WAIT! (as they say in ShamWow ads) Don’t discount this blog yet just because it’s for a class. I have a secret for you:
I can’t write about something if I don’t care about it. It’s pretty debilitating in a school atmosphere. But really great for fun things, like when I went abroad to Jordan. And it’s the very reason there’s hope for this blog!

My professor has asked me to write about web design and another one has asked me to write about gender and feminism (dropping the f-bomb on the first post, look at me go!). Thankfully what I want to write about falls somewhere in between! Here’s a short-list of things that currently fascinate me that I’ll be touching on for the duration of this blogging experiment! (For the record, I just tried to make a fun combo word with ‘blog’ and ‘experiment’, it does not work [blexperiment…experlog…])

-social media usage by for-profits and non-profits
-identity creation (and maintenance) on social media networks
-women’s involvement in the web design world
-interesting topics covered in class to share with you lovely people
-the way I frighteningly have come to structure my life around the internet
-funny things
-sassy things
-things that matter! (…to me, and hopefully to you!)
-YouTube. Just YouTube. I mean, videos EVERYwhere. There’s something going on there worth talking about.

Alright, is that a sufficient intro for you all? You’ll learn more about me (and fun things) as we go- for some preview you can find me on Twitter @Dropek. Between now and the next post, here’s hoping you learn something and drink more tea!

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